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Always an eclectic collection of detritus in his pockets

Powered by the transperambulation of pseudo-cosmic antimatter, and tea.

Dr. Davidian de Lurquor
5 October
I'm old. I was never a child - just shorter than I am now. I'm a loveable, grumpy old git. I'm stupidly shy unless drunk, then I'm stupidly shy and drunk. I'm an atheist, a conservative-anarchist-communist-liberal, a geek of the physical sciences and obsolete computers. I read a lot. I have a PhD.

I like beer, aniseed balls, curry, red wine, computers and cats. I dislike religious fundamentalists, children, cucumber, sprouts and milipeeds.

I've worked as a barman, an accountant, a bank clerk, a double glazing salesman, a road sweeper, an embedded systems developer, a network installer and I've manned the helldesk. Now I blow things up with a big laser.

I have zero musical skills despite owning at least 10 CDs and having several tens of gigs of MP3s on my computers. I sometimes write. I often take photos. I collect books.

I keep finding grey hairs. I cook excellent bacon rolls, pretty good Thai fish curry, decent roast lamb and appalling cakes.

You can probably work out the rest from what you read in the journal.

Current grey hair count : 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 manylots
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